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27 July 2018
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For today 12 regional competitions and exhibitions have been held in Kazakhstan, 108 winners were identified

The results of Regional Competitions and Exhibitions "The Best Goods of Kazakhstan" in 12 regions of Kazakhstan were summed up. Exhibition in Akmola region will be held on July 28, on August 4 in Kyzylorda, on August 16 in Mangistau region and on 10-12 August in Almaty.

It should be noted that the project participants are not only producers with the work experience, but also those who have recently created their own business and their products are already in great demand among the population. In this competition, manufacturers open wide prospects for further development and fruitful business cooperation among themselves, while also developing competitiveness.

These regional competitions are the first stage of the republican contest "The Best Goods of Kazakhstan" and are held jointly with the akimats. Further, the winners will represent their regions at the republican contest-exhibition the "The Best Goods of Kazakhstan" and the exhibition of domestic producers "Made in Kazakhstan", which will be held in Astana on October 12-13, 2018.

The prize itself was established in 2006 by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the aim of boosting the activity of manufacturers, aimed at improving the quality of domestic products, promoting the saturation of the region's market with high-quality and competitive products, spreading the idea of quality among the population. Annually, about 200 enterprises of the country become applicants for such a prestigious award. The award is presented by the Head of State.

The capital chose the best

Today, on July 27, the regional winners were awarded in Astana. 72 metropolitan companies took part in the competition: 22 companies in the nomination "The Best goods for production", 36 companies in the nomination "The Best goods for the population", 14 companies in the nomination "The Best food products".

The ceremony was attended by Yeldos Ramazanov, member of the Management Board, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of the NCE RK "Atameken", Alen Tulkubayev, director of the regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs in Astana, and Bagila Bisembayeva, head of the Council of Business Women of Astana, and deputy head of the Department for Investments and Entrepreneurial Development of Astana city akimat Rysgul Kaugabayeva.

Winners received diplomas, valuable prizes and an opportunity to take part in the final republican contest "The Best Goods of Kazakhstan".

The composition of the expert commission for the evaluation of materials and products included representatives of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Astana, the RSU "Department of Public Health of the City of Astana of the Committee for the Protection of Public Health of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan", the National Center for Expertise and Certification, representatives of the Center for Sanitary and Epidemiological Expertise, and others.

As Saltanat Abdikarimova, Managing Director for Organizing Republican Competitions of the NCE RK Atameken stressed, these contest-exhibitions are aimed at stimulating and developing domestic producers, which will help to increase their competitiveness.  

As a result of the competitive selection, the commission determined nine winners.

In the nomination "The Best goods for production":

  1. «Ecolos Kazakhstan» SG
  2. «Selena Insulation» LLP
  3. «Kaz Fria Plast» LLP

In the nomination "The Best goods for the population":

  2. «Ipek Kagit Central Asia» LLP
  3. «Bark Technology» LLP

In the nomination "The Best food products":

  1. «Mamuliny vkusnyashki» IE
  2. «Stolichny Hleb» LLP
  3. «The CHEF delecatessen»

Sewage clearing

CG "Ecolos Kazakhstan" has been performing a full range of works on cleaning and pumping waste water in Kazakhstan for more than 10 years, including design and selection of equipment, installation and supervision, commissioning, warranty and service maintenance, audit of treatment facilities. In June 2015, a full-cycle plant with an area of 5,000 square meters on the production of equipment for cleaning and pumping waste water was opened in Astana. Appropriate certificates and licenses confirming the production activities of the company "Ecolos Kazakhstan", have been obtained by them, in particular CT KZ, ISO 9001, declaration of compliance. The scientific and technical potential of the company allows solving technologically difficult tasks. Innovative developments in wastewater treatment are protected by patents. Representatives located in Astana and Almaty can respond to customer requests quickly and resolve issues promptly.

The largest producer of polyurethane foam

The group of companies "Selena" is one of the three largest world producers of polyurethane foam. It is presented as an international organization, based on experience and the best world practices collected over the past 20 years of work. The company cooperates with various sales markets - Poland, China, USA, Brazil and Russia.

Supplier of plastic connecting parts

“KazFriaPlast” LLP operates in the market of Kazakhstan as a supplier of plastic fittings in the field of gas supply and uranium mining. In the process of development and adaptation in the market, production was opened in Astana, European equipment was purchased. Over the years, the range of products has greatly expanded: containers, tanks, fans, ventilation for industry. The company participates in various social events held by the city akimat, renders sponsorship to socially-oriented companies to support vulnerable segments of the population. Today the company creates goods for the largest companies of Kazakhstan, such as KazAtomProm JSC, Kazchrome JSC, KazTransGas JSC, Meliorator JSC, INKAY LLP, Aukhal, ODSP Aral, Gaz-Service and etc

Individual armor protection

"KAZARMS" LLP is a Kazakhstan commodity producer of individual armor protection, the first Kazakhstan enterprise for the production of armored helmets. Since 2015, "KAZARMS" LLP invests in the development of the military industrial complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan and carries out the products supply to the power structures of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 2018, "KAZARMS" LLP successfully participated with the Ministry of Defense and Aerospace Industry of Kazakhstan in exhibitions in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. 

The first brand of paper products

"Ipek Kagit Central Asia" LLP made the first investment in the Kazakhstan market by starting production in Almaty in 2006, built a production complex on the territory of the industrial park of the FEZ Astana in 2016. To date, the company has reached a position that allows it to compete with global brands. Thanks to its extensive range, excellent quality and consistent investment, the Selpak brand takes pride of place among the most recognizable brands of hygienic paper products in the country.

Turnkey medicine

"BARK Technology" LLP  exists on the market since 2011, it is engaged in production and supply of medical equipment, development of design estimates, construction of social facilities and providing medical and technological facilities with medical and technological equipment "on a turn-key basis". To date, the company has implemented many regional and national projects, including "100 schools, 100 hospitals" program.

Mamuliny vkusnyashki

"Mamuliny vkusnyashki" IE is engaged in the production of clean semi-finished products without foreign impurities such as soy meat, flavor enhancers and other impurities harmful to the body. The company was established in 2016, with 15 employees in the state. In total, the assortment includes more than 50 items of ready-made frozen eco-semi-finished products.

Meat assortment

"The CHEF delecatessen" produces quality and affordable meat products. In the store you can find a variety of types of sausages: Nuremberg, which is eaten in the south of Germany, sausages from horse meat, from lamb - Mergez, which is loved by all Arab countries, pepperoni made from beef, dried hot flavour sausages. The manufacturer makes a doctor's sausage from good quality meat, in accordance with GOST 1977, as it is required by the recipe.

Bread as a business

"Stolichny Hleb" LLP exists on the market for more than 10 years (as IE since 2002, and as LLP since 2007). The assortment of products includes 50 items. To date, the production complex is fitted with equipment from leading European manufacturers - REVENT (Czech Republic), RONDO (Switzerland), which allows producing high quality products meeting the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 International Standard. The enterprise entered TOP-50 by OKED 10.71.0 among medium-sized enterprises of Astana city, as evidenced by the "Industry Leader-2013" National Certificate. The enterprise is awarded with diplomas for participation in the "Paryz-2013" national competition of social responsibility of business, with a diploma for active participation at the "Karaoktkul zharmenkesi - 2012" republican fair. Also "Stolichny Hleb" regularly participates in charitable events.

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