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Why the quality of service important for business and the client isthe main person in the company? Business expert John Tschohl answered these questions to Kazakhstani businessmen.

Master class “First-class service”, which was attended by a member of the operating board of directors of Technodom JSC, head of customer care department Alexander Lee and service guru, business trainer John Tschohl, was organized with the support of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs "Atameken" and gathered about 300 top managers and business owners.

The main theme of the master class was the problem of Kazakhstani service, which, according to John Tschohl, can hardly be called "average". As the speaker noted during the training, the main difficulty in working with Kazakhstani and Russian entrepreneurs is their lack of interest in making a profit.    

What prevents domestic business from developing the service to the "excellent" level

John Tschohl stressed that business in Kazakhstan is lazy. He gave an example of how he wanted to spend 27 million tenge in Almaty and did not find people who would be ready to provide him services for this amount, so he had to look for a printing house in Moscow. Therefore, the first problem of Kazakhstan entrepreneurs, which Schole revealed, is not the right priorities. Domestic business is focused on common things, but not on making money.

«“First of all, you need to appreciate people. Owners often do not understand that subordinates are their main asset. Service economy depends on people a lot. If a business does not adequately invest in the development of its employees, the result will not be excellent, and profits will not grow. Personnel should be treated well,” – the business guru said.

A huge staff of companies is another observation of John Tschohl. In his opinion, a large number of people, more than necessary, are working very slowly.

“In Kazakhstan, a lot is being done according to the established rules of state policy. And in many ways, the goal of business is not a receipt of profit, customer comfort, and the fulfillment of all orders. The employee in contact with the client has no authority. He does not take responsibility, can not solve the problem of the client on the spot. There are a lot of unnecessary actions and employees between the client and the person serving him,” - he stressed.

And the main secret of excellent service, according to Tschohl, is the “inspiration” of the employee, including the training of personnel in new skills. The speaker in the confirmation of his speech gave a simple example, comparing people and equipment. If you don’t invest in equipment, it will break, the same with people.

Guru’s recommendations:

High-quality customer service

You must always provide exceptional customer service. If you stop, you lose part of the market, and competitors bypass you. The company must focus and attract customers forever.

Quantity does not equal quality

A well-rendered service is not the merit of a large number of people. This is a big misconception. “Dead” employees stop the process - these are people who are bored and they are not interested in your customers. It needs to focus on the motivation of the other employees. Train customer-oriented part of the team.

Do not neglect technology

Amazon is constantly evolving, for example, the use of unmanned drones. This is another example of speed. Technology is a feature of excellent service..

Delegate authority

Delegation of authority is when an employee does everything in place for the client. This is not breaking the rules, but changing them in order to please the client.


Smile is hospitality and the first rule of quality service. To make your employees smile sincerely, they need to be inspired and motivated.

Work fast

Speed is a significant reduction in the time required to complete a task. Everything is simple, it is necessary to change the attitude, approach to work and organization of procedures. Speed does not work at the expense of quality.

Let's call Amazon, asked the speaker.

- Hello, my name is John

- Hi John. My name is Fay. Glad to your call, how can I help you?

- I would like to check if the book was delivered to me. Unfortunately, I do not remember its exact name, there was the word "whale".

- Ok, John. You need to wait a little while I find the order.

- Good.

Within three minutes, the dispatcher from Florida found the order of John Tschohl, confirmed the date of the order and the receipt of the goods, and wished a good day.

“Recommendations in real work. A few minutes, pleasant communication, no switching to other operators. I deliberately did not give my last name and did not give the full title of the book. For three minutes, we were shown excellent service. Let's call any company of yours?” - asked John Tschohl.

Quality service is the best strategy. No advertisements promote your business better than word of mouth. However, a negative word of mouth can sink a business faster than Titanic drowned.


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