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27 October 2016
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100 Kazakh companies are presented in the light industry sector at the territory of the pavilion "Made in Kazakhstan - Halyk Markasy"

Association of enterprises of light industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan in conjunction with the Association of Legal Entities "Federation "Halyk Markasy” quality control system of Kazakhstani goods and services, and the Association of trading companies of Kazakhstan with the support of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs "Atameken" in order to support domestic producers, opens the light industry sector at the territory of the pavilion "Made in Kazakhstan - Halyk Markasy" permanent exhibition-fair site at the trade house "Samghau". The sector will feature more than 50 products of Kazakhstani producers of light industry.

The grand opening of the light industry sector was attended by representatives of ministries, akimat, the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs "Atameken" RK, industry associations and the business community.

At present, this project involves more than 100 companies from all over Kazakhstan. It is planned to attract more than 500 domestic brands to the trade house "Samghau".

At the first trade fair pavilion "Made in Kazakhstan - Halyk Markasy" at TH "Samghau" in order to promote goods and services of the best regional Kazakhstani producers, 6 square meters up to 100 square meters are presented for one year free of charge in the hall; certificate and sign "Halyk Markasy which the manufacturer can use for two years in advertising, on packaging, labels, stands, shop windows, etc .; services of sales assistant; advertising and marketing within the national contest among "Samghau" journalists; as well as a presentation during EXPO-2017. Pavilion "Made in Kazakhstan - Halyk Markasy" will be included in the tourist map of the city of Astana, which will provide a great inflow of visitors to the shopping center.

Implementation of this project will help to increase the production volume of domestic enterprises of light industry, the creation of additional jobs, but will also create favorable conditions for the development of light industry.

Another important event occured in the industry. Association of Legal Entities "Association of organizations of forestry and forest products of Kazakhstan "Zhasyl Orman" in the person of executive director Laura Seyfulina and ULE "Association of Light Industry Enterprises of Kazakhstan" in the person of President Lyubov Khudova signed a memorandum of cooperation. The parties have agreed on cooperation in the following areas: planning and implementation of joint activities in order to enhance cooperation and industrial cooperation between enterprises of the industry; development of the exhibition and congress activities, the creation of the necessary conditions for the active participation of the industry; promotion of modern forms and methods of training for the enterprises of the industry, joint organization of training seminars and internships; production and dissemination of joint print and electronic publications, manuals, scientific and technical articles; exchange of experience in support of the industry; participation in the economic security of the industry and the fight against counterfeit products; as well as measures aimed at the development and implementation of joint projects with the participation of enterprises for the production of special clothes and shoes for forest workers and forest products.

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