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Atameken reviewed public catering sanitary regulations

26 June 2019
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The Atameken NCE RK considered the issues of revision of sanitary rules in the sphere of public catering and food production were considered during the round table.

The meeting was held with the participation of business representatives of all regions.

Following the results of the round table, it was decided to develop separate sanitary rules for such catering facilities as confectionery and bakery shops and low capacity production facilities (cheese factories, breweries, pasta shops, etc.) except for socially significant facilities (kindergartens, schools, hospitals, sanatoriums, etc.).

Remind that at present the control and supervision procedures do not justify the tasks assigned to them for the following reasons:

- Control and supervision are the key instruments of crime prevention;

- Absence of analysis of offences in the investigation area;

- Excessive requirements to the products that are not related to safety;

- an efficiency assessment system based on the number of inspections and the number of fines imposed;

- corruption.

The main purpose of the inspector when visiting the object of inspection is to identify inconsistencies for further prosecution of the business entity.

At the same time, only business entities that have registered as entrepreneurs and received all the necessary permits to carry out entrepreneurial activities are subject to inspection.

Whereas, persons carrying out the entrepreneurial activity without registration are not subject to audits.

Therefore, it follows that persons engaged in illegal business activities, occupying a certain part of the market, are not subject to control and supervision by the authorized bodies. As a result, favorable conditions for unfair competition are created.

At the same time, the current sanitary regulations are a legacy of a planned economy, where it was necessary to satisfy the demand for either mass homogeneous goods (e.g., military products: assault rifles, tanks, beef stewed) or unique products, the cost of which may be very high (e.g., jet engines, satellites, space equipment).

As a result, businesses are not able to promptly respond to the latest achievements of scientific and technological progress, which negatively affects the efficiency of production, the competitiveness of domestic enterprises and the economic activity of the country.

Requirements of sanitary rules are detailed to such an extent that the production facilities of small capacity using the latest equipment to ensure the safety of products have to carry out technological procedures and have additional facilities, the need for which in the presence of such equipment is not required.

For example, in case of an unscheduled inspection of Happy Cake Eurasia LLP, the inspection was carried out for compliance of the facility with fourteen regulatory legal acts, which consist of 1,114 items (technical regulations, sanitary rules, etc.). At the same time, the norms of the normative legal acts are not only duplicated but also contradict each other.

Thus, in accordance with the Sanitary Rules "Sanitary and Epidemiological Requirements for Public Catering Facilities" approved by the Order of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 23.04.2018, Public Catering Facilities No. 186 can be located in premises built into residential and public buildings, in non-residential floors of residential buildings, in public buildings, in basements and basements of residential and public buildings, as well as in confectionery shops with daily production of products with cream not exceeding 300 kg, flour confectionery without cream - not more than 500 kg.

While, in accordance with the Sanitary Rules "Sanitary and Epidemiological Requirements for the objects of confectionery production, conditions of production, packaging, transportation, storage, sale, disposal and destruction of confectionery products" approved by the Order of the Acting Minister of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated February 24, 2015, № 124, the confectionery shop with a lower capacity (daily production of products with cream not more than 100 kg, flour confectionery without cream - not more than 300 kg) should be located in a detached building, and its sanitary protective zone must be at least 50 meters.

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