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Kazakhstan opens hotline to help entrepreneurs with cargo at border crossing in China

13 February 2020
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The Chamber of International Commerce of Kazakhstan establishes hotline to assist importers and exporters on issues resulting from coronavirus outbreak.

The entrepreneurs who conduct import and export trade with China may contact the Chamber of International Commerce of Kazakhstan if their cargo, goods or raw materials are on the border with China. The Chamber expects detailed and specific requests. 

The hotline will work to register and address business appeals and provide possible assistance to entrepreneurs.

You can get in touch with the Chamber of Entrepreneurs is BY/VIA phone 1432 (Atameken’s Call Center), +7 707 909 0152 (WhatsApp) or email onlinevpk@atameken.kz. You can call us from 9:00 to 19:00 on weekdays.

Please make sure that you include in your request: name, company name, the reason for your request, contact details.

The hotline will also serve to receive requests related to the presence/absence of force majeure in PRC for import and export transactions.

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