Alcohol manufacturers to tackle antiseptics shortages

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 Masks and antiseptics in connection with the coronavirus outbreak - COVID 19 have become deficient products.   

Kazakhstan's alcohol producers can modernize production and start producing antiseptics. For example, Asia Su Company LLP has already started to produce disinfectants on a pilot basis. The product can be used for sanitary treatment of surfaces as well as for hands. 

It is necessary to start producing disinfectants:

- make up a recipe and test method for product quality; 

- develop the technological instruction, methodical instructions for use; 

- develop a safety data sheet for the product; 

- develop a model of the label, packaging, etc.; 

- conduct pre-registration tests and register the product. 

 - certify the product, if necessary 

There are 9 enterprises in Kazakhstan producing disinfectants.

 - Asia Su Company LLP; 

- Aurora Production Complex LLP; 


- Gippocrat LLP;

 - Asem-Pharm LLP; 

- Nazar Global Trade LLP; 

- NPO Medides LLP;


 - PharmCazProm LLC. 

In turn, the Atameken NCE RK assists entrepreneurs in collecting documents, advises at the stage of obtaining registration and is ready to support to provide the greatest support to our country in combating the pandemic. 

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