Atameken and Kazakh Tourism signed Roadmap

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The Roadmap is aimed at creating a national tourist product, implementing measures of state support for the industry and anti-crisis measures.

The Roadmap was signed in a remote format due to the current situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Roadmap consists of 5 sections, including 27 measures to be implemented in the period 2020-2021. The main emphasis is on the development of national tourism products and infrastructure.

Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Atameken NCE RK Yuliya Yakupbaeva noted that the current period should be usefully spent and comprehensive training of tourist infrastructure should be organized by the time when people leave the quarantine. 

"During April-May, it is necessary to make full preparations for the tourist season 2020-2021 to activate domestic tourism.  In cooperation with Kazakh Tourism NC, local authorities and the business community will conduct an inventory of popular tourist routes and attractions.  The introduction of new approaches, such as the project "Live Lessons", creation of a list of routes for children, the definition of a list of priority medical services will significantly diversify the existing tourist product in the segment of children's and health tourism," said Yuliya Yakupbaeva.

 Inventory of children's health centers and sanatorium-resort facilities will give an objective picture of the necessary measures to support and develop these subjects.

A separate section of the Roadmap is devoted to handicrafts as an important auxiliary part of tourism. The identification of key handicraft products in each region for further promotion, monetization of handicraftsmen's activities, involvement in the restoration of cultural monuments and a number of other activities are intended to draw attention to the problems of handicraftsmen and promote the consideration of handicrafts as a fully integrated part of the national tourist product.

 "The state of the country's tourism industry, given the current circumstances of downtime, requires additional measures. The Roadmap signed jointly with the National Chamber, complements the action plan of the State Program of Development of the Tourist Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2019-2025. The approaches that we have defined in this document, first of all, will help to emphasize the development of domestic tourism, in particular, children's and health tourism, crafts, etc.," noted Yerzhan Yerkinbayev, the Chairman of the Kazakh Tourism NC JSC. 

The Kazakh Tourism NC JSC and Atameken NCE RK are confident that the implementation of the Roadmap measures will significantly expand the lineup and improve the quality of offered tourist products.    

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