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Astana, 010000, Yesil district, Kabanbay Batyr Avenue, Building 19, Block D
Tel .: + 7 7172 76 80 81 / 76 80 82 / 76 80 83 / 76 80 94 / 76 8095.

Limited Liability Company "Investment profitability research agency" (hereinafter - IPRA) is included in the structure of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan "Atameken” since 2015

Mission of IPRA - assistance to consumers of services in the improvement of strategic planning and analysis in the most promising areas of development, strengthening of competitive advantages in the regions, presence and expansion of the scope of economic development, international presence, as well as the receipt of additional analytical tools and functionality.

The main objectives of IPRA is to provide research, analytical and advisory (consulting) services aimed at providing public goods.

Types of activities of IPRA according to the Charter:

  • Provision of research, analysis, information and analytical services;
  • Consulting (consultation) services;
  • Organization and conduction of seminars, trainings, workshops, forums, conferences, round tables, meetings, etc .;
  • Preparation of analytical reports and information reviews, reference and other materials;
  • Analytical and other studies;
  • Design and manufacture of  info-graphic products;
  • Financial and (or) economic expertise;
  • Other activities not prohibited by the legislation of RK

Main activities of IPRA:

1. Analytical support on:
o    current economic, budgetary and fiscal policies of the state;
o    management of public assets;
o    integration initiatives, national security and social policy;
o    international cooperation;
o    development of the various regions of the world, as in the whole country and by sectors;
o    international political and economic situation;
o    sectoral development;
o    other areas of socio-economic development of the country.
2. Conduction of Sociological and Marketing Research, from consumer research to the study of markets and industries
3. Visualization of information from static infographics to annual / quarterly reports
4. Information support of activities, including regular supply with information digests, depending on the specifics of the counterparty, placement and promotion of materials in traditional media and Internet space, information support for public events.

In its activities IPRA is guided by the Constitution, the relevant laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan to it, other normative legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, international treaties ratified by the Republic of Kazakhstan, normative decrees of the Constitutional Council and the Supreme Court, the Charter of LLP “IPRA”.

Structure of IPRA

The structure consists of IPRA consists of  Directorate, administrative and financial services, service of regional research, service of industry research, project analysis service, service of information and analytical support.