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Civil Aviation discusses internal issues

12 February 2018
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During expanded meeting of Subcommittee of Civil Aviation, Logistics and Transport Committee of “Atameken”, The Chairman of the Committee Kanat Alpysbaev named the agenda of the meeting. The first discussed question was the approval of the road map of the Subcommittee of Civil Aviation, Logistics and Transport Committee of “Atameken” for 2018.

The Chairman of the Subcommittee Bulat Naurzaliyev said that agenda consists of 19 issues and if it is necessary the list of the issues can be amended.

“I think that we can add two more pressing issues. First of all, as Subcommittee we should remark upon the conflict between national air carrier “Air Astana” and the airports. We need to express our common position of the Subcommittee as a consolidated opinion of the industry. The next point is the issue of avia maps creation. It is obvious that the responsibility is on the “Air Astana” and “KTZ”, but the issue seems to be wider. It is necessary to involve all industry capacities. Let’s discuss it”-underlined Kanat Alpysbaev.

Representative of the International Almaty airport Albert Dzhazybayev commented on the amendments to the Tax Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan concerning property tax calculation at the rate of 0,1% to the tax base at the airport of Astana, Astana (Paragraph 3(9) article 398).

“We have been trying to change this law for 2 years. We thought that it was adopted by mistake but it was also used in the Tax Code”- he said.

“We need to clarify this law, what consequences it has and how to develop it”- commented the vice chairman of “Atameken” Eldos Ramazanov.

The vice-president of SCAT air company Daulet Hamsin commented on the amendments to the Tax Code concerning the airplane accessories and spare parts export for the repair and the exchange of defective airplane accessories and spare parts for working components.

“It has been much discussed earlier. Concerning the airplane accessories and spare parts export for the repair and the exchange of defective airplane accessories and spare parts there are articles no. 427 and 428 of the Tax Code. The amendments have been already discussed and shall become effective on 1 January 2022. We are asking for cooperation in the implementation of these articles in 2019”- he said.

“Air Astana” company representatives and the Ministry for investments and development of RK, the members of the Subcommittee supported their colleagues. Kanat Alpysbayev suggested to work out a single stance at subcommittee level and to accord it with the MID of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The director of RSE "KAZAERONAVIGATSIYA" Gulmira Dusenbayeva commented on the issue of medical centre choice for the air companies’ staff to undergo a medical examination.

“We have already raised the issues of pilots’ medical certification abroad. I would like to remember that after the amendments to the Code we withdrew the traditional psychiatric assessment which was conducted by 6 people commissions. Since 28 November 2016 we have been using a new model. Pilots and flight attendants undergo medical examination by one medical expert. The employee gets a certificate for the term of 5 years. The medical examination should be undergone once a year not every 3 months.  The problem is that the number of medical centres is limited and there is no opportunity to undergo a medical examination in one day. The procedure takes at least 3 or 5 days”- said Gulmira Dusenbayeva.

The participants further considered the issues of professional standards development and approval in the area of air transportation and the issues concerning sectoral framework development, feasibility of developing of the Aviation Code and strategies for industry development. It was also suggested to propose the creation of Civil Aviation Association given that more and more controversial issues arise in the industry that need to be considered.

At the end of the session Kanat Alpysbayev suggested members of the Subcommittee to include the following issues into the Road map and to work them out.

Beyond this, “Atameken” held a session of Water transport subcommittee of the Logistics and Transportation Committee where the participants considered the improvement of the national system of provision preparedness and oil spills clean up, the goals and plans realization in the area of water transportation for 2018, the road map of the Subcommittee, professional standards work out and the adoption of industrial framework of qualifications in the area of water transportation.

In the past few months there were discussions about the necessity of amending the article 11 on commercial navigation concerning the right of foreign ships of navigation under the flag of Kazakhstan, that operating through the branches in the Caspian Sea. These amendments are necessary to support the development of the domestic shipping companies. Meanwhile according to the legislation of the RK it is required the analysis of regulatory impact, that wasn’t approved by the MID of the RK and ME of the RK. In this regard on 2 February 2018 Atameken sent a letter to the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan”- said the chairman of the subcommittee Nikolay Yudin. 

The information concerning the improvement of national security system of provision preparedness and oil spills clean-up was announced by the technical director of «KMG Systems & Services» LLP Arman Kospayev.

“Till this moment the issues of preparedness and responsiveness to oil spills were considered as a narrow-focused activity of one authorized body in the area of mining and subsoil use. But considering the provisions and requirements of the legislation of the RK on Civil Protection, Merchant Shipping, Mining and Subsoil use and also Environment Code of the RK it is clear that the responsibility lies also on the several state bodies, in particular, the Committee for Emergency situations of the Ministry of Internal affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ministry for Investments and Development of the RK, Ministry of Energy of the RK. In this regard it is necessary to create a mechanism of cooperation and responsiveness to the oil spills in the Caspian Sea”- he said. 

The Chairman of the Logistics and Transportation Committee Kanat Alpysbayev also commented on the issue. “I suggest to examine secondary legislation with the help of state bodies and organizations and to work out necessary mechanisms on oil spills clean-up”.

General director of the Union of Transport workers of Kazakhstan «KAZLOGISTICS» Kanat Almagambetov commented on the final agenda item on the development and adoption of professional standards in the area of water transportation and the issues concerning industrial frameworks.

“The Union considers it necessary to increase the current programs of trainings and education in the technical and professional institutions and in higher educational establishments, to improve the situation at the market. The projects of two professional standards in the area of water transportation “sea-going and inland navigation” and “Power systems operation and sea-going and inland navigation” can be found on the site of the Union. So we ask to take active participation in the discussion of professional standards”- said Kanat Almagambetov.

Deputy Chairman of the Board of “Atameken” Eldos Ramazanov underlined that “Atameken” is always ready to negotiate.

““Atameken” always stands for the prompt decision of problematic issues of business and for the well-established mechanism for cooperation between legal bodies and business community. So the national chamber is ready to provide a place for the discussion of above-mentioned issues at the session of the Subcommittee”- summarized Eldos Ramazanov. 

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