"Alash" will help to increase the local content in the oil and gas sector

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Now the process of participation of local companies in the procurement of goods and services of oil and gas operators is much simpler

The combined database of suppliers of "Alash" made it happen.

Atyrau is deservedly considered the oil capital of Kazakhstan. Two of the three largest in Kazakhstan international oil and gas projects are implemented in Atyrau region: Tengiz and Kashagan. Their importance for the socio-economic development can hardly be overestimated. This is direct investment, the creation of numerous jobs and the implementation of social projects. But one of the most important results is the creation of the so-called multiplier effect, as in the region, in relation to oil and gas projects, develops business, in particular small and medium-sized companies that supply products and services to the companies - operators of oil and gas projects.

The development of local businesses, ensuring compliance with the quality requirements of its products and services accepted in the international oil and gas industry, providing a direct link between potential customers and contractors for many years has been a topical issue for public authorities, operators of oil and gas projects and potential suppliers. A unified database of suppliers "Alash" should be one of the most effective methods for solving this problem.

The system was developed by the company "Algorithm KZ". It was specially designed for use by large companies - operators of oil and gas projects in Kazakhstan. According to the developers, the unique database "Alash" is a portal that provides a direct link between the suppliers and service providers and operators of oil and gas projects. We have learned more information about this system in an interview with the CEO of the company "Algorithm KZ" Luigi Matikari.

- Mr Luigi Matikari how was the system "Alash" developed and what information it contains?

- Government of Kazakhstan set clear targets for large customers in the oil and gas industry to ensure transparency and efficiency in the development of local business and Alash is an example of how these goals can be achieved ".

Implementation of "Alash" project is the point at which converge the interests of the four main parties of the oil and gas industry of Kazakhstan: state over the past 20 years created the conditions and the specified requirements to increase the local content in oil and gas projects; customers, major oil and gas project operators, who are interested in a systems approach to the issue of the selection of qualified suppliers and vendors themselves that get direct access to your potential customers.

"Alash" was created with the participation of leading international operators of the largest oil and gas projects in Kazakhstan: NCOC companies (Kashagan project operator), TCO (Tengiz project operator) and KPO (Karachaganak project operator).

The system "Alash" is already being used by these companies, and it is expected that it will become an important tool for registration of potential suppliers among small and medium-sized businesses, as well as among major international companies.

Combining the "know-how" and the experience of the three operators, their involvement was particularly valuable for determining the architecture of the system and its practical implementation, which ultimately allowed to make a unified database of Alash in line with international standards. "In addition," Alash is also a good example of cooperation of oil and gas customers during the period of extreme uncertainty for the oil and gas industry, and we are confident that the company's suppliers will appreciate efforts invested in the project and the end result.

As for the database content, providers upload here information about the company, its capabilities, the specifics of the goods and services in a format and in accordance with standardized requirements of customers, and customers, in turn, have the opportunity to select potential contractors, carrying out pre-qualification for a further invitation to participate in tenders.

Alash has been developed in accordance with the requirements and specifications of the above-mentioned international operators of oil and gas projects and becomes a vital business function - a tool designed to ensure continuity of production activities in terms of customers' logistics.

- Mr Luigi Matikari, let’s consider the advantages of "Alash" system for suppliers specifically.

- Through the combined online database "Alash", vendors can demonstrate their capabilities, meet the industry requirements by filling in a standardized pre-qualification questionnaire.

Registration in the system allows vendors to pre-qualify and to demonstrate compliance with the minimum requirements established by the three largest companies in the oil and gas sector. The process of single registration enables not only access to the three major oil and gas industry customers, but also allows them to provide and to update information about their company through a single information platform.

Alash system provides access to suppliers by providing an individual login, and allows to exercise complete control over their data and to update information in real-time.

The immediate advantage of the system is the fact that it provides support to suppliers, to increase customer awareness of their products and services and thus provide opportunities for participation in tenders.

The portal ensures highest standards of security and data protection, information of providers is under cryptographic protection and stored on secure servers, to which only authorized personnel have access.

Specialists of "Algorithm" provide free technical support and assistance at all stages of the qualification and the operational use of the database.

- Thank you. And now about the benefits for the companies - operators of ...

- The principal advantage for customers is a significant simplification and increased efficiency of the process of selection of potential suppliers for procurement by creating automated procedures, which can significantly reduce the cost, time and risks when selecting suppliers.

This advantage is achieved by creating a system in which information about suppliers can be continuously updated interactively.

Another fundamental aspect is that the data contained in the Alash meets the standards, and that it has been tested and passed the validation process. The quality of input data is guaranteed through technical support and continuous monitoring of the data input by the specialists of "Algorithm KZ".

Operators can receive data directly from suppliers on the portal in the format of an automatically generated Excel file, accompanied by a brief review of the market.

Apart from the practical "advantages", there are such things a improvement of the efficiency of pre-qualification process and its automation, access to quality data that will be relevant, the use of "Alash" system brings the companies-customers to implementation of the goals set out by the Government of Kazakhstan on creation of maximum conditions for development of local content in projects.

- Mr Luigi Matikari, as we know, under this system, you have begun to cooperate with the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Atyrau region. Please tell us about this work.

- Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Atyrau region initiated an agreement on the training of employees of the regional Chamber to registration of data in "Alash" system and later assumed the obligation to carry out advisory and information work among small and medium-sized business in the region on the registration procedure in the database "Alash". It is worth noting that due to the full support and assistance of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Atyrau region since March of this year, 6 local companies registered in the database of "Alash".

- How do you see the result of the operation of "Alash" system?

- We have already received a positive response from suppliers, as well as operators, it gives reason to believe that within a very short period of time combined database Alash will become a priority source of information on suppliers for all companies intending to do business in Kazakhstan.

I want to add that the company "Algorithm KZ" is based in Atyrau, it provides support to the database Alash. More information on Alash system can be found at:

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