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Last weekend dozens of heavy trucks accumulated on both sides at the Syrym checkpoint on the  border of Kazakhstan and Russia. Director of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the West Kazakhstan region Erbol Iddenov commented on the reason for traffic jam at the border.

Yerbol Asylbekovich, last Saturday there was information about the mile long lines at the Syrym border checkpoint. What was the reason?

- According to media reports, the reason for this situation was the work of the export control service of state revenue. However, the members of the special monitoring group, members of the WKR State Revenue Department, representatives of the mass media and the WKR Chamber of Entrepreneurs visited the site, they learned that this was far from it.

There was a combination of factors for occurrence of the traffic jam, including the weather conditions which entailed closing of routes because of snow drifts. In addition, the ice caused a difficult overcoming of the route by heavy trucks. In addition, the reason is a significant increase in the number of trucks traveling to Russia after the long days off in Russia. The infrastructure of the checkpoint is not designed for such a massive traffic.

What is the situation today?

- The situation at the Syrym checkpoint is under the control of the relevant authorities. It is currently stable. In turn, the Regional Chamber maintains feedback with the authorized bodies on this issue.

Do the state revenue authorities of the region explain this situation?

-Despite the fact that the weather conditions and poor infrastructure were the main factors for the accumulation of heavy trucks, the WKR State Reevenue Department increased the number of officials to 5 employees per shift and the number of scanning and copying equipment at the Syrym checkpoint. The Department takes measures to further modernize the export control program.



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