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More details about the "Candidate Pool" project given by  Control Officer of the "Atameken" NCE RK Yernazar Syzdyk.

- Yernazar Faizul-Karymuly, tell us why the National Chamber decided to launch such a project within its structure?

- We never concealed that "Atameken" gathered true professionals with experience and knowledge each in their own field, and this is confirmed by the business. It is logical and correct to develop human resources within the National Chamber, on the principles of meritocracy. This is an international practice that is being implemented in the most effective corporations. We intend to improve the professionalism of employees as well as to create conditions for career growth of our employees.

- Does this mean that the most capable and experienced personnel will move up the professional ladder and also be appointed to the posts?

- That's right, and from among the reserve staff. The system of the National Chamber includes the Regional Chambers of Entrepreneurs, associations, self-regulating organizations and subsidiaries. We expect that the pool of "reservists" will be replenished with up to 200 potential managers who will be able to occupy a vacant position - in the center or in the region, if necessary. 

- How will the reserve itself be formed?

- Information about "reservists" will be recorded and stored in an automated database. It will be replenished as the applications from candidates meet the established requirements on the basis of factor analysis. The reserve itself will consist of two levels: the republican and the regional. Candidates included in the reserve will be considered as a matter of priority when a vacancy occurs. To put it briefly, the "Candidate Pool" project will keep key personnel in the NCE on a long-term basis, and the employees can plan a career by themselves, with the expectation of promotion, according to experience and acquired skills.

- Thank you and good luck in the project implementation!

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