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Erlan Stambekov "NCE is a business laboratory"!

30 September 2016 - City of Almaty
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The Law "On the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs" allows to defend the interests of business in all areas, starting from legislation to the organization of various inspections and expertise

Regional Council - Exactly three years ago was established the supervisory body of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Almaty. It consists of 30 most influential and respected businessmen of the metropolis. Together they define the future policy for the development of entrepreneurship in the region. Among the main tasks of the Regional Council – is assistance in coordination of investment policy of local authorities and the business community, assist in the implementation of policy documents adopted by the governing bodies, the consolidation of the private businesses in order to stimulate and to support their activities. The head of the Regional Council of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Almaty - a well known businessman, deputy of Almaty Maslikhat, social activist Erlan Stambekov. In the eve of the 3rd anniversary of NCE RK "Atmameken" we talked with Erlan Dauletovich about how was created the largest business association of the country, what has been done during this period and what role does the Regional Council play in the development of Kazakhstani business climate.

-Erlan Dauletovich, there no association like NCE in the former Soviet Union countries. You opened the Chamber of Entrepreneurs in Almaty. Say what has the organization achieved in the three years?

- Of course. It is very gratifying that NCE, as an organization representing the interests of the business community of the country, succeeded. Largely, due to the fact that the Chamber lives with aspirations of local businessmen and works hard on resolution of entrepreneurs’ problems. Sometimes, even matters that do not relate to the activities of the Chamber and have a private character. But the principle of the staff of NCE – is customer orientation. Sometimes, it comes to the ridiculous when our staff members help a new entrepreneur  literally to register as an individual entrepreneur or LLP. Not only budding, but also successful entrepreneurs sometimes are not aware of the opportunities that the state offers, an international fund or a foreign partner. And NCE conducts broad information campaigns and educational work. Many of the problems of entrepreneurs can’t be solved just because they do not even realize that they have the right to demand solutions to their questions! In three years of existence the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Almaty accumulated good experience of how to resolve different problems. The work of our employees has already reached the automatism: they ask in what area you work, the difficulties you encounter and can immediately provide the most effective ways to their solution. Time is also money. Business in our country is actively developing, new productions are opened, entrepreneurs master new areas, access new markets. People want to open their own business, and for this they often take loans, sometimes invest all funds and put a lot of effort in it. But it is no secret that bureaucracy and corruption can make all the efforts of business vain. And it is very important that someone can professionally support private business. The National Chamber of Entrepreneurs has become the platform on which was built a dialogue between business and the state. Today, we are working at all levels, even those which it was hard to imagine yesterday, up to district and village Akimats. And this has become a great help in my view, an unprecedented law "On the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs", which allows our association to defend the interests of business in all areas, from the legislation to organization of all kinds of inspections and examinations. If our staff did everything possible and was not been able to solve the problem, then the problem is reviewed by the Council for the Protection of the rights of entrepreneurs. The representatives of the public authority, the actions of which hinder fair business activities, are invited to its session. Together with reputable lawyers and entrepreneurs themselves, these problems are solved. Civil servants are obliged to respond, and on its part, to take measures to address the resulting problems. Recently, under the President was created the Institute of Business Ombudsman was established, the Commissioner for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs. Bolat Palymbetov was appointed to this position. We believe that this is another step in support of business and facilitation to our work.

- You nurture entrepreneurs like small children. Is it necessary in the market economy?

- Nobody jeopardizes  market relations. If a product is not in demand or has a high price, it is definitely an entrepreneur’s fault. But along with this there are many problems with which an entrepreneur must not remain alone. For example, when it comes to systemic barriers that are created by state bodies, or the protection of domestic producers in relation to importers. If the entrepreneur will have to pay officials for resolution of certain issues, these costs in any case will fall on the shoulders of ordinary consumers of those goods or services, to which the businessman sells his goods.

- To hold interview, we had to catch you between meetings with foreign business delegations. How effectively can our businessmen build a business with foreign counterparts?

- International relations - it is always new opportunities. The Chamber in this sense serves a unifying link between our businessmen and foreign ones. Of course, you can start your own business contacts. But, entrepreneurs, who address to the Chamber of Entrepreneurs can come across very interesting projects, offered by foreigners, which you won’t find on your own. Especially, if a businessman will cooperate not on his own, but in a group, it is much easier to find more reliable partners or to negotiate better terms of cooperation: you offer one thing, but what you do not have, offers another entrepreneur. Everyone wins. Today we met with a delegation of doctors from Taiwan. Since 2017 compulsory health insurance will be introduced in Kazakhstan. And then the money of the patients will flow to a clinic, which they like. And it's a great opportunity for private medicine. Only in Almaty there are 34 commercial clinics. Taiwanese doctors offered free medical staff training and cooperation in joint projects. For example, they offer to open representative offices of the Taiwanese hospitals in Almaty or joint health centers. It is no secret that Taiwan's health care system is the best in the world. Certainly, we will adopt things, which are advantageous for our country.

- Almaty – is a business city and there are more entrepreneurs than in other regions of the country. Are there more problems?

- 30% of the country's entrepreneurs work in Almaty. This is a business capital of Kazakhstan. Here there are almost all sectors, except mining. We have a well-developed trade, services, manufacturing, high-tech manufacturing. And very many of the ideas, processes, projects are born in Almaty, and afterwards are implemented in the regions of the country. It should be noted that the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Almaty in this sense has become a generator of many ideas and projects on work with business and protection of its rights.

- No matter what work an association does, if does not have the authority, many, even the most interesting projects, may well remain at the level of ideas. Is NCE a force that one should also take into account?

- Today NCE RK "Atameken" is respected by all - from the Fovernment to the rural Akimats. The stance of the Chamber is taken into account upon adoption of any decisions related to business development. The staff of the Chamber is attracted as experts when it comes to the relationship between entrepreneurs and state bodies. Business pushes the economy forward, and we must make every effort to ensure that our country has an organization that helps entrepreneurs to spread their wings and to bring Kazakhstan to a new level. I congratulate my colleagues on the 3rd anniversary and wish NCE RK "Atameken" further growth, the implementation of ideas and interesting projects for the benefit of our Motherland!...

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