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For  the National chamber of entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan  "Atameken"  the year of 2017 was  the beginning of the  significant “Bastau-Business”  entrepreneur project throughout the country. Much has been done since then, yet even more remains to be done. But one would like to separately emphasize the role of business coaches, who took full responsibility and duty. More than half a year they haven’t seen their families, living in distant regions of our country, sharing their knowledge and skills with go –ahead peasant population. This also includes our business-coach Saule Sadikova.

Her story is quite similar with the fate of the main character from the book “School-ma'am” by Frida Suhoparova. That was the book she excitedly read and caused such true admiration by its main character.

«I thought if only I was sent, I would go!»  These were the thoughts of this brave girl. And after that, she went, but after quite a time.  All in good time.

Saule’s major is Law and Economics. She started her working career at school in Ayagoz city in Eastern Kazakhstan region. After that, already experienced, she decided to move further and to try herself in a banking industry. A little while the post of credit administrator was followed by the post of small and medium-size business specialist. These were 6 years of practice and enormous experience, which became a good base for her employment record. And her finish line to the coaching became a lawyer post at the regional chamber of entrepreneurs.

At the regional chamber, our collective was very friendly. We used to cooperate with each other to make each result better. We also used to do double-check. And a while back my colleague was filling out her application form and she asked me for help, and I asked her what it was. So it was a coaching program which was novelty for us. She suggested applying together, but she did not come for training for family reasons, but I was invited. After one week we went to Astana. I learnt a lot and passed all the tests. And after they offered to me to be a coach, I said that I would go anywhere to work and to gain the experience”. – emphasized our interviewee.

4000 km distance can’t scare a person who wants to enlarge its knowledge and to share it with others. A young woman with one big luggage and great ambitions travelled more than 4000 km along the route “ Ayagoz-Pavlodar-Astana-Ural’sk-Zhanakala”. Warm welcome, hospitability and cordiality of Zhanakala citizens helped Saule to consider herself at home.

 “There were no problems with people-  said Saule. Luckily, people here were kind and open to help. I didn’t feel any mentality difference. The only thing is that Zhanakala, it’s a rich region and people here are quite wealthy. I would say it’s a mix of traditions and modernity. Each home has a modern plasma TV, laptops with different programs and at the same time they have a tradition to sit on Kurak Korpe at the low table”.


According to the business coach Saule Sadikova, in this region lots of people took credits by themselves, without any courses. There were also those who came to enlarge its knowledge, who had an idea but didn’t know what to do.  According to statistics, there were 6 auditory flows and 163 people.  32 of them enlarged their business. 19 of them took the credit.

“Due to this project they enlarged their knowledge, got the education and learn to set a goal, begin to understand what they really want, inspire themselves and grow professionally. There were some students who didn’t want lessons to be interrupted for the weekend, and there were some students ready to continue to study at the next flow. Some people came just to listen to some lectures, without any business- goal or idea, and after that they turned on the heat and implemented their business idea with their families. These inspired people made me improve myself and not rest on my laurels, to study further sharing my knowledge”.

This year business-coach Saule Sadikova was also invited for the next project. This young woman is ready to go to any district of our country to open up new horizons and to get in on the act to the new project.

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