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Ablay Myrzakhmetov: "In Kazakhstan will be created a single window for subsoil users and local companies"

10 October 2016
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The National Chamber of entrepreneurs assists domestic producers in receipt of large orders in the oil and gas industry

NCE "Atameken" is actively involved in the work on development and support of Kazakh oilfield service companies. In particular, a draft agreement with the company "Tengizchevroil" has been prepared to create a "one stop shop" for users of mineral resources and domestic companies. "We proposed a mechanism of "one window" so that there is a clear mechanism for cooperation between all departments where decisions are adopted by "TCO" and oilfield services companies. The agreement we passed to us, leadership of "TCO" supported it", - said the Chairman of NCE RK "Atameken" Ablay Myrzakhmetov at the Government meeting. According to him, at the beginning of November this year, such an agreement would be signed.

Ablay Myrzakhmetov also focused on the issues of transparency in the procurement plan, in what are now so interested service companies, which need information not only about "per annum, but the five-year public procurement plan", compiled by major oil companies.

In addition, Ablay Myrzakhmetov pointed to other issues of concern the resolution of which has dragged, in his opinion. For a long time the issue of VAT and customs duties wasn’t resolved, and now on your behalf (Prime Minister of Kazakhstan), and there was an instruction to the Ministry of national economy, it is expected that the solution will be found before the end of the year, this will seriously enhance domestic competitiveness", - said the Chairman of NCE RK "Atameken".

In addition, NCE is continuing to discuss issues related to industrial certificates. Speaking about the database of domestic suppliers "Alash", established at the Ministry of Energy, Ablay Myrzakhmetov pointed out how important it is that there is a direct permanent link between the suppliers and service providers and operators of oil and gas projects. As it was noted by the Chairman of the Board of "Atameken", these themes are always discussed at meetings of the working groups. "And we are confident that operators will support to help domestic producers", - summed up Ablay Myrzakhmetov.

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