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Kazakhstan has extended the boundary of e-trading

15 June 2017
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NCE of the Republic of Kazakhstan Atameken and Kazakh-Swiss online B2B marketplace Zoodel signed a Memorandum of Understanding at the IV Congress of NCE Atameken

Atameken is interested in development of local and international e-trade.  This Memorandum will be an important mechanism for realization of business support programs being implemented by NCE and other development institutions.

Our joint activities will increase the competitiveness of Kazakhstan business through educational process to enter the international market and create platforms for the development of close commercial relations and to increase the volume of bilateral trade within Silk Road countries.

Within the frame of the Memorandum, the Parties will be able to cooperate for reaching one of the strategic goals – enhancing the export capacity of Kazakhstan. At the initial phase Parties will exchange information about the international trade, share public statistic data, analytical reviews, results of marketing surveys, also information about the State regulatory measures, as well as to hold joint trade development and export promotion events.

Deputy Chairman to NCE of the Republic of Kazakhstan Atameken Mr. N. Altayev noted:

«NCE assists SMEs through Entrepreneurs Support Centers mostly offline and up to date online platform Zoodel supplements ably SME  with current support tools, namely, distribution of catalogues, products and establishment of business matching etc.»

Director of Budan LLP Erken Shakeyev added: “In everyday life we see how digitalization broadens its borders. Especially it is convenient for SMEs in searching foreign partners and it also erases the stereotype that international market is for big players only. That’s why, we have signed up in Zoodel”

As of today, more than 1000 Kazakhstan producers, mainly the exporters, have already been registered in the portal and actively using its services. Zoodel is ready to train the local producers how to trade within the Kazakhstan and outside. The Zoodel experts together with NCE Atameken are planning to consult the local producers on how to «Go Online and Sell Globally» covering 160 rural areas of Kazakhstan starting from July 2017.

With the conclusion of this Memorandum, the Parties expect to give a new impulse for digitalizing all local manufacturers, especially SMEs, and developing national economy by selling online within Kazakhstan and globally.

For reference:

Zoodel is the leading online B2B marketplace portal facilitating trading needs of companies from Silk Road countries (Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Pakistan, India, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Lebanon, China, Oman and Russian Federation).

Zoodel empowers suppliers and buyers to optimize their supply chain and benefit from cost savings.

NCE of the RoK Atameken Public Relation Department: +7 (7172) 91 93 67, pr@palata.kz


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