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Are there analogues of the Bastau Business project abroad?

29 November 2017
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Business trainer "Bastau Business" Bauyrzhan Serikbaev trains in Bukakara settlement of Bukhar-Zhyrau district of Karaganda region

Teaching the basics of entrepreneurship at the courses "Bastau Business" actively expands in rural areas. Business trainers of the project are highly qualified specialists.

Bauyrzhan Serikbaev is the business coach of Bastau Business in the Botakara settlement of Bukhar-Zhyrau district of Karaganda region. He passed a scientific internship at the University of Nebraska USA in the framework of the "Bolashak" program. Bauyrzhan Serikbayev is also a graduate of the University of Turkey Akdeniz, Stratford Univesity of Virginia and BAU International University in Washington.

"When I worked at the Nazarbayev Science Center, I was sent to the United States for one year to undergo a scientific internship. During the internship he submitted his documents to another American university, studied at the magistracy. Being there, I fell in love with America. Walking down the street I had different ideas. I am attracted to foreign methods of doing business. As a result, I entered the profession "International Business". After the probation period, I got work permission and perfected my knowledge within 2 years", - Bauyrzhan Serikbaev began the conversation.

- How did you find out about the Bastau Business project?

- I saw an announcement about hiring of business trainers for "Bastau Business" project, organized by NCE RK "Atameken" in social networks. I sent my CV and came to Astana. In March 2017, he participated in preparatory seminars for business coaches. We had 24 applicants from one region, we passed a strict selection, only the best were left.

- Have you had your own special skills for training budding entrepreneurs?

- All the trainers had the task of training people in 12 modules. Business coaches dismantled these modules and prepared each topic separately. The training program was fixed, but the task of delivering this information and the technology of conducting the session was individual for each coach. If you are the leader of a group, you need to explain not only business terms, but also contribute to the formation of a national code among the population. Perhaps then there will be some resonance, since people living in the countryside do not percept dry words and figures. In megacities we are in constant search, we perceive a large flow of information. And in the villages, it is a completely different environment, so if you just use the formulas and business plans there will be no result. People should speak their language, take examples not from the West, but from life. Proverbs can be used as motivation. The most important thing for a business coach is to know psychology in order to break old stereotypes. We all come from the Soviet Union, when people believed that the government should do everything for us and we are just hired workers. In order to change this, it is necessary to apply entrepreneurial thinking, but at the same time take into account not only foreign experience, but also our national characteristics.

- It turns out that our standards and models do not correspond to Western standards?

- World standards should be used, but only the most necessary and effective. It is necessary to act by applying European and American models, taking into account local features. A business coach is a filter that perceives and absorbs various necessary information, but then adjusts it to the environment, gives only a useful part. With the help of this formula, Western achievements in Kazakhstan are working.

– Currently, two waves of training "Bastau Business" have taken place. How many people were in the group? Tell us about your experience?

- There were two different business trainers in two waves. In the second group, in the village of Botakara, 37 people were trained, 15 of them successfully defended their projects and started their own business. Including hairdressers, meat and milk production, horse breeding, kumiss production, service station, store opening and so on. When the group comes, the first couple of days we study their psychological portrait. We look in what direction he wants to open production, in what area he has skills. Then we divide the participants into subgroups. For example, those who selected livestock separately, crop production separately. Because it is more convenient to teach those who have one area.

- What ideas prevail among business plans in the countryside?

- Most of the projects are related to livestock production, including the production of meat and milk. But also kumiss production is in demand. For example, the cooperative "Aray", which deals with dairy products and meat, includes 42 enterprises.

- Were there any cases when a person found himself in the trap of own idea?

- Yes they were. In the village of Botakara, the listener wanted to open the sauna, but in that area there are 2 functioning public saunas, besides, 3 entrepreneurs were jointly building a bathhouse and a cafe. The 4th will not be profitable, because there is a concept as a market capacity. It took a very long time to explain to man the basics of marketing and research results.

- What did you teach the participants of "Bastau Business" and what did they teach you?

- The participants taught me a lot. First, simplicity. Their decency and honesty immediately catches the eye. There are many patriots in the region. It is amazing that they want not only to open their own business, but also to employ a few people. There is a culture abroad that a person engages in something that brings pleasure. We also need to apply this psychology.

- Are there people in the group who have the grip of an entrepreneur?

- It happens. This is reflected in leadership qualities, understanding of the market and the ability to manage the business. In the process of composing a psychological portrait, the skills are manifested. "Bastau Business" changes people's world outlook, directs to entrepreneurship. The project teaches to take responsibility and work towards the goal, and does not rely on the state. Two words - entrepreneurial thinking. Secondly, Bastau Business contributes to the development of the economy.

- Are there similar projects in other countries?

- In each country there are centers and programs for the development of entrepreneurship. In the US, strong and successful businessmen help budding entrepreneurs, they have developed patronage. In Uzbekistan, with the arrival of the new president, projects aimed at those engaged in business also started. But "Bastau Business" has a completely different specificity, for us this is a completely new project. We give knowledge, all the necessary information and direct to the opening of business in a short time. In villages with seasonal work, there is no time to lose.

- What are the results of Bastau Business?

- 17 people were trained in the first wave, 15 of them opened their business. The ones from the second wave mainly opened cooperatives. This is also a big profit. For example, if you want to purchase equipment, the state allocates subsidies. There is a big interest in the area. In the West, the most effective investments are investments in education. We have a little bit different perspective. It is necessary to change this psychology. I think if the listeners learn a lot of new, their interest grows. We try to develop their curiosity. Participants have discussions.

- Thank you for the interview!

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