The national chamber of entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Atameken"
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About us

Committee of the financial sector

The Committee was established for the effective interaction of the business community with the public authorities to tackle the challenges of the National Chamber on issues related to the development of relations in the financial sector (banking, insurance, retirement savings, asset management, leasing, microfinance, the activities of institutions of independent assessment (audit, assessment, rating, credit bureaus, and others. organization), collection and other spheres of the financial market).

Its task is to analyze and to develop a coordinated position of the National Chamber on:

  1. conceptual approaches to the state policy in the field of development of the financial sector ;

  2. improvement of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the issues of the financial sector;

  3. identification of priority problems in the financial sector, requiring legislative and (or) organizational solutions;

  4. participation in the development and implementation of policy documents of state agencies on the development of the financial sector;

  5. strengthening of cooperation with international organizations and companies.