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Committee of Logistics and Transportation

Sauat Mynbayev

Committee Chairman

The Committee was established for effective interaction of the business community with the public authorities to tackle the challenges of the National Chamber related to the development of transport, logistics and communications. An important objective of the Committee is to assist the Government and business in creating a modern transport and communications infrastructure in Kazakhstan, as well as to ensure its integration into the global transport and communication systems and the implementation of transit potential.

Comparing the turnover of all modes of transport during the reporting period of 10 months with the same period of 2013, we can observe a slight decrease in turnover of 0.25% and an increase in passenger traffic by 6%.

Revenues of the transport industry for 10 months of 2014 were at the level of 1,572 bn. (1.6 trln.tenge), which is 9.5% higher than the same period of 2013.

In accordance with the objectives set by the President in Address to the Nation "NurlyZhol - the path to the future", in the development of transport and logistics infrastructure it is planned to implement a number of investment projects in the period from 2015 to 2017 with a total investment of 1 268.2 billion tenge , including from the republican budget 343.4 billion. tenge

The main projects: the construction of SEZ "Khorgos - Eastern Gate", the construction of the outer terminal network and internal network TLC, the development of the port of Aktau, reconstruction of the passenger terminal of the International Airport of Astana and others.

In order to create a logistics hub in the east of the country, in July of this year the Head of State launched the construction of a dry port infrastructure and logistics zone of SEZ "Khorgos - East Gate".

To complete the construction of the 1st start-up complex will be allocated funds from the National Fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the amount of 37 billion tenge 2014-2015. (81 billion tenge in the Adresse to the Nation).

Total project cost, including infrastructure and the "dry" port is 78.8 billion tenge. (RB - 37 billion tenge; KTZH - 41.8 billion tenge):

The head of state noted that in anticipation of Expo 2017, it is necessary to  increase the capacity of the airport Astana from 3.5 mln. passengers to 7.1 million passengers a year by 2017, 29 billion tenge will be allocated to implement the project in 2015. The total investment will amount to about 60 bn. tenge (Including KTZH - 31 billion tenge).

The development of transport and logistics infrastructure will be implemented through the formation of macro-regions on the basis of hubs.

In this respect, work is underway on the creation of an internal network of transport and logistics centers (TLC) in major cities across the country, to ensure that the needs of regions in modern storage facilities, distribution centers with coverage of regions of the neighboring countries.

As part of the President's instructions to create maritime infrastructure in the west of the country, we are working on the expansion of Aktau seaport in northern direction.

So in December of the current year it is planned to complete the construction of container yard (60 sq m.) and run the grain terminal.In the first quarter of 2015, it is planned to complete construction of 3 cargo terminals with capacity of 3 million tons, including 1 grain terminal with handling capacity of 1.5 mln. tons per year and 2 terminals: general and container cargo with handling capacity of 1.5 mln. tons per year. Total cost is 38 bln. tenge (own / borrowed funds from KTZH and private investors).

Pursuant to the request of the Head of State, the issue of construction or rental of terminal capacity in the "dry" and seaports of China, Iran, Russia and EU countries is being considered.

Thus, at the first phase in December of this year, Chinese partners completed the construction of a logistics terminal in the sea port of Lianyungang with the cost of 18.4 billion tenge.

The main purpose of the construction of the terminal is the possibility of processing and transshipment of Kazakhstani transit cargoes to / from Southeast Asian countries, ASEAN and the Asia-Pacific region with the provision of a complete package of high quality services for carriers of all modes of transport in the export-import and transit traffic.

Thus, the volume of investments in the development of transport and logistics infrastructure over the years will be:

2014 - 178.3 billion tenge (RB - 77.3 billion tenge)

2015 - 272.9 billion tenge (RB - 131, 2 billion tenge)

2016-2017 - 223.2 billion tenge (RB - 134, 9 billion tenge).

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