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Energy companies are ready for a social dialogue

16 May 2016
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NCE RK "Atameken" and NGO "Profkhimneftekhim" signed a sectoral agreement in the field of energy for two years

The document was signed by Deputy Chairman of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan "Atameken" Nurzhan Altaev and chairman of the NGO "Profkhimneftekhim" Kerim Primkulov.

The conclusion of sectoral agreements is, in fact, a tactical step in the implementation of the strategy for social modernization of the state, and an effective mechanism of social partnership at the level of the industry.

"The branch agreement provides a framework for social dialogue in the industry: by achieving a balance of interests of employers and workers on social and economic issues and regulation of labor relations, the prevention of social and labor conflicts and strikes, it agrees the basic principles of the remuneration system in the industry, in the formation of sectoral qualifications frameworks, the development of professional standards, etc. ", - said Nurzhan Altaev.

According to him, the National Chamber is making consistent efforts in ensuring decent work conditions and human capital development.

"The main priorities are focused on achieving the objectives for the implementation of social responsibility - business practices in accordance with OECD standards, improving the system of social insurance of an employee from occupational hazards, health and safety, modernization of vocational education system, including the introduction of dual training, framing system certification," - Concluded the deputy head of the Board of NCE.

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