AIC Committee of NCE RK "Atameken" was created for the purpose of effective collaboration of the business community with the public authorities to face the challenges of the domestic agricultural business entities for the purpose of their development.

The Committee consists of 14 industry associations (unions) with voting rights and 14 with an advisory capacity, which are presented by the following sectors: livestock (Meat and Dairy Union, Dairy Union, Union of Poultry Farmers, the association of pig breeders, association of veterinarians, the Union of Beekeepers of Kazakhstan); Crop production (Kazakh Cotton Association, Association of potato growers of Kazakhstan, Grain Union, Association of fat and oil industry, the Association of Kazakhstani producers of products for plant protection); mixed (association of credit unions, the Association of Farmers of Kazakhstan, Union of Consumer Cooperatives).

The tasks of the Committee is to analyze and to develop a consolidated and coordinated position of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of RK "Atameken" on issues:

1. conceptual approaches in the state policy in the field of AIC;

2. The improvement of the legislation on AIC issues;

3. The determination of the priority issues in the agricultural sector, requiring legislative and (or) organizational solutions;

4. Participate in the development and implementation of policy documents of state agencies on the development of agro-industrial complex;

5. Consolidation of the problems of subjects of agrarian market in order to solve them promptly with the involvement of public officials;

6. Strengthen cooperation with international organizations and companies.